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CARNIVAL JOB: Roustabout
JOINED: January 2017

✧COMMON CHANGE: long, pointed ears. a fae mark on her upper back resembling a cluster of three diamonds. lavender skin. pointed fangs.
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: description.
✵RARE CHANGE: description.

1ST CONTRACT: Enhanced PUNCHING ABILITY in exchange for a year and a day of service.
2ND CONTRACT: description.
3RD CONTRACT: description.

PLAYER: Maggie
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] omixgirl10

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FREQUENCY: 418.51648
DESCRIPTION: If someone calls her, Miko will probably answer. Probably. Unless she left her walkie-talkie somewhere.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: This mailbox is definitely going to be covered in black and neon paint and glitter within a week.
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Name: Maggie
Contact: [plurk.com profile] omixgirl10 or Maggie#9624 on Discord
Other Characters: Ginko

Character Name: Miko Nakadai
Age: 16
Species: Human
Canon: Transformers: Prime
Canon Point: after the Autobots return to Cybertron at the end of the series
Character Info: finally i app a character with a decent wikia entry
Personality: Okay, so teenagers are stupid. Everyone knows that. They take dumb risks, they don’t think before acting, and so on and so forth. Miko Nakadai, however, puts the vast majority of reckless teenagers to shame with her utter lack of critical thinking skills.

Even among people her consider her a friend, Miko has a distinct reputation for going charging into danger with no consideration as to whether this will be extremely dangerous for her, or extremely INCONVENIENT for those around her. It’s not necessarily that she doesn’t realize that the situations she puts herself in are dangerous; it’s more that she just kind of assumes she’ll get out alright anyway, because pffff it’s not like she could die or anything, right? Basically she has no idea how to weigh risks, and, on some level, doesn’t quite seem to believe she’s not invincible. Again, reckless teenager crud.

On the whole, Miko is aggressively, near-unfailingly optimistic, no matter the odds. It’s not just a matter of thinking she won’t get hurt; she just defaults to assuming that things are going to work out, that the good guys will win and the day will be saved, because as far as she’s concerned, that’s how it works. Of course, that doesn’t mean she intends to sit back and just wait for everything to happen the way it’s “supposed” to - on the contrary, she’ll do whatever she can (and try to do things she CAN’T) to help take down who or whatever she thinks needs to be taken down to fix things, and she will absolutely expect it to work.

Miko has a distinct tendency to consider herself a key factor in keeping those around her safe - not in the sense of not doing ridiculous crap that puts them in unnecessary danger, of course, because she doesn’t really know how to not do that. But absolutely in the sense of rushing to take on opponents way over her level, even if whoever she thinks she’s helping has a much, much better chance of actually being able to handle the situation themself. Even if she doesn’t doubt that they can handle it, which she usually doesn’t, she just really wants to help.

There was a time when Miko was convinced that those she looked up to could always handle any situation - and it took nearly losing her best friend for her to realize that the Autobots could potentially die. Though she’s still usually pretty confident in the abilities of those who she’s labeled in her head as being capable (or, more accurately, cool) she’s all the more likely to insist on sticking by them whenever something dangerous is happening, convinced that they might need her.

Miko’s tendency to get into trouble is, in addition to her overconfidence, rooted in sheer, unbridled curiosity. If something cool or weird or otherwise exciting is happening she wants to be there to see and document it, no matter what it takes… and no matter who may tell her she shouldn’t be doing that. Honestly this kid is practically a walking rebellious phase; even if someone manages to gain her respect, there’s no guarantee that she’ll listen to them if she doesn’t like what she’s being told. She’s way too busy enthusiastically throwing herself into danger to listen to reason, okay.

As a rule, Miko is pretty enthusiastic about just about everything she chooses to do, whether that’s playing guitar or trying to fight robots ten times her height. As terrible as her plans tend to be, nobody can say she doesn’t commit herself to them fully; once she’s decided to do something, it’s very difficult to dissuade her - on the bright side, she’s not going to get someone else into a terrible situation and then abandon them. Fortunately, she also displays enough of an ability to think on her feet not to be totally screwed over by her bad pre-planning.

Abilities: Really, Miko doesn’t have any superpowers, unless you count an amazing ability to survive extremely hazardous situations. That said, she’s pretty freaking athletic, especially when it comes to clambering all over things like a monkey, and apparently very capable when it comes to imitating fighting game moves in real life.

She also knows how to play piano and guitar, but those are somewhat less practical.

Soul Colour: bright orange
Ideal Jobs: Roustabout, Showman, Acrobat, Daredevil, Thief, Scout
Relevant Experience: Well, as mentioned before, she can play piano and guitar and loves doing flashy stuff. On the other hand, she’s pretty strong and can move quickly (often before anyone notices - she routinely uses this skill to get places she shouldn’t be), and if you need someone to do some clambering she is absolutely your girl.
Reason for Joining: Given that her life was just about to go back to being as normal and boring as it was pre-robots, the opportunity to join a magic fae circus seemed pretty great - especially when she found out she could ask for (nearly) anything she wanted in exchange for working there for a year and a day. So, being a reasonable and thoughtful individual who definitely makes good use of the opportunities presented to her, she asked… to be able to “punch stuff really hard, like enough to beat up giant robots, and not break (her) fingers doing it”.

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Name: Maggie
Contact: plurk (omixgirl10)
Other characters: n/a

Name: Miko Nakadai
Canon/Continuity: Transformers: Prime
Reference: bam
Canon Point: Post-series

- impulsive as heck
- reckless
- overestimates her own AND all her allies' abilities
- dedicated to finishing what she starts
- even if it looks like a hopeless effort because she's REALLY STUBBORN
- aggressive about EVERYTHING
- shamelessly loud and obnoxious
- super rude, basically does not have a filter
- not at all opposed to lying to get out of a tough situation
- that doesn't mean she's actually very good at it
- very protective of people she cares about regardless of whether it's all that feasible for HER to be protecting THEM

Sample: questionable monster-watching practices
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MARCH 2014
[thread with Sollux(nitrodamus)] Oh hey let's pester this alien

APRIL 2014
[thread with Cynthia(civilizedcombat)] Crashing into people is the best way to make new friends
[thread with Orion(thanksoptimus)] Just chatting with this truck
[log with Knock Out(buffthis)] Chatting with vehicles, jerky car edition
[log with Eusine(superball) and Neku(reluctantproxy)] Awful losers. Just inexcusable.

MAY 2014
[thread with Neku(reluctantproxy)] In scary jail with Neku, this is your own fault Miko
[thread with Metabee(metabee)] Ticking off the guards because why not
[thread with Starscream(starscheme)] So many jerky robots
[thread with Orion(thanksoptimus)] Let's insult people's friends why don't we
[log with Lex Luthor(luthorcorpceo)]Major press conference, very important, let's mess it up
[thread with Metabee(metabee)]Turns out this robot is NOT a jerk
[log with Knock Out(buffthis), Eusine(superball), Neku(reluctantproxy)] Let's meet up with some friends and a car who isn't putting up with this crud

JUNE 2014
[thread with Sollux(nitrodamus)(backdated to scary jail rescues)] Breakin out of this joint (friends with mind powers are good to have)
[thread with Kit(liberaition)] Just hangin around taking pictures without permission, no biggie
[thread with Sollux(nitrodamus)] I see you are at this robot fight, I am at this robot fight too
[thread with Drift(positiveenergy)] "TITLE"
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Name: Maggie
Pronoun: she/her
Email address: neomeg@bellsouth.net
Preferred contact: tumblr (omixgirl10)
Other characters: n/a

Name: Miko Nakadai
Aliases: 'you with the phone'
Canon: Transformers: Prime
Role: Intrepid Reporter/Constantly Self-Endangering Civilian
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: like this. Miko's maybe 5'2", has black-and-pink hair, and honestly still looks about fourteen; she tends toward brightly-colored, often somewhat mismatched clothing choices.

Origin story: Miko Nakadai grew up in a loving, healthy, decently well-off home in Tokyo with her parents and two cats. She went to a great school and took piano lessons. She was also bored out of her mind.

Miko's first attempt to escape her parents' watchful eyes and find some excitement was when she was fifteen; she joined a foreign exchange program and went to school in Jasper, Nevada for a year. As it turned out, though, Jasper didn't have much to offer along the lines of what she was looking for (there weren't even any superheroes there, what a ripoff), and she returned home disappointed and frustrated. Then she practically jumped on a plane to Los Angeles the moment she graduated high school.

Miko currently interns for the Los Angeles Times, taking pictures as well as occasionally conducting interviews, which gives her an excuse to go charging into disaster areas all the time, often with nothing but her phone (which has a REALLY GOOD camera for some reason).

Personality: Impulsive, nearly fearless, and too curious for her own good, Miko will gladly hurl herself into danger, completely disregarding any reasonable concerns for her own safety. If anyone tries to stop her, she will probably ignore them for as long as she can get away with.

Miko is generally friendly and enthusiastic, but she doesn't really have a filter; she can be rude and insensitive at times, and she really does not react well when people try to tell her what to do.

Differences from canon: No robot adventures in Jasper, with all the changes that entails. That's pretty much it, beyond whatever differences may have resulted from her being a few years older (not much change actually, she is still basically an irresponsible child).

Power level: E
Powers: She's not aware of it, but ridiculously good luck (as evident simply in the fact that she's still alive).
Team affiliation: n/a

First person sample: [a post to Miko's blog]

YO so guess who's moving to LA in two weeks! Yeah, that's right, it's ME!! I just gotta pack up and get on a plane and I'll be outta here!

Everything's p much worked out at this point, i've got a crappy part-time customer service job (FUN) and an equally crappy apartment. Also managed to snag an internship at the Times, so there's a chance to move up in the ranks until everything STOPS being so crappy, lol.

I guess the 'rents still aren't too happy that I'm not becoming a doctor or something, but I gotta give 'em some credit, they're at least agreeing to fill in the gaps in my rent and stuff for a while (until I become 'self-sufficient', aka not a leech).

BTW, if any of you guys live in the area, hit me up sometime, I know like. nobody there.

Prose sample: "Too late to catch all the action... that sucks."

Miko scowled, prodding a bit of charred wood with the toe of her boot. Sure, fires weren't exactly the biggest news around here, what with all the superhuman activity, but if she made it soon enough, there was always the possibility of a hero showing up to help, not to mention the chance to get some pics of the inferno itself.

In this case, though, she would have to settle for the aftermath. She sighed, checking the wrist-strap of her camera - didn't want to risk dropping it here - before ducking under the caution tape.

The old office building's lobby was blackened with soot, walls weakened and collapsing. At first, Miko stepped carefully around holes in the floor, worn out by fire and water damage, each footstep slow and deliberate, but she started paying less attention after a while. She focused instead on taking pictures (good thing she had remembered her camera; her phone was good in a pinch, but the flash was crap), catching shots of charred furniture and cracked flooring.

Suddenly, her attention was drawn by the crack of wood, immediately followed by a light rain of sawdust on her shoulder.

"Shit!" She leaped out of the way, stumbling slightly as charred wooden beams crashed to the floor just to her right. THAT could have ended badly, she thought, glancing up at the hole left in the ceiling.

A voice from behind her caught her attention - "Who's there? This building isn't stable!"

Miko swore under her breath again, then sidestepped the rubble in front of her, dropping any attempts at caution. She could hear the police officer shouting after her, but she was almost there and-

In a few more strides, Miko reached her target: A shattered window. She grabbed the sill, swinging her legs up and over it to land on the cracked asphalt on the other side. She took off at a run, ducking under the tape again and darting off to the side, suppressing laughter. As usual, if anyone recognized her, she would catch hell over this, but hey. She was fine, and it was worth it, as it always was.


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